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Silver and Bronze: The March Home by WoadedFox Silver and Bronze: The March Home by WoadedFox

Silver and Bronze: The March Home.
Chapter 3.

The air was thick with smoke, clinging at the lungs and drowning the distant screams from under what seemed like a sea of blazing fire. Behind, fresh warriors stormed up the hill to join the slaughter and take revenge, their eyes were eager for blood.

Chief Vontogerix stood on high urging his Swordmasters onward “Move my lads!” he barked “Take their heads!”.

It was time to stamp out an old foe once and for all, blood and fire had finally come to the Dorokia.

Furrow could not imagine what kind of hell awaited his eyes over the scorched horizon.

“By Nature that bastard hurts!” Yeruth cried “The stone's still in” and his friend carried him limping over the grass. “Shush” wheezed Furrow “The tents are close, you shall be in good hands soon”.

A salvo of cheers sounded as another band of soldiers paced past under the drone of their bursting war horns. “Look at those girls!” growled Yeruth “They have never lifted a finger against the Dorokia, and now when there are defenceless heads to cut down, they serge like vultures to gain the spoils that we laid for them!”.

The fox stumbled with a groan, his leg had been shattered like flint and he was sick of this fight .

“Tis true my friend” Furrow cried “Tis true” and pulled his comrade from the mud.

As they hobbled to the summit Furrow and Yeruth were greeted by a pleasantly warm sun, sinking low as nightfall came.

Ahead, the forests lay black and burning as an endless column of Beltaineii warriors poured into the walls of the Dorokian capital. Thatched huts blazed into the dying sky and all around cries and screams of the village folk came calling through the wind.

Furrow stopped in his path, his yellow eyes grew wide. “Look!” he growled and Yeruth lifted his bloodied head. Their fellow comrades in the distance were sacking the settlement, running down the helpless, beheading the males and raping vixens within the grass and behind the walls. Their helpless cubs cried out upon the open ground unattended as carnage felled their homes. Shuddering screams and balling flooded the air and the Dorokia trampled over one another to flee the Beltaineii swords. It was a sight of pure terror but Furrow could not look away.

“War is so” Yeruth gasped “You have seen it oft a time Furrow, tell me, dose it bother you?” he asked. “Always” he replied and the fox breathed in hard seeing the tents for the wounded upon the bank. “There!” he said and brought his feeble friend to safety.

“The sooner this is over, the sooner we can both be home”.

From behind bloodied and dirty curtains more than a dozen troops sat, lay and screamed in pain as both Druids and Druidesses patrolled the corridors with herbs and sickles in hand. Yeruth was just another casualty for the count.

Furrow gently laid his friend down and gave him what was left in his water skin.

Groaning, Yeruth gazed at his leg as the water dripped from his chin, it was a sorry sight.

“Their going to cut It off” he growled and was beset with anger “This fucking fight!”

“You don't know that” reassured Furrow as he took back his empty flagon “The stone is probably going to come out and you'll walk on two feet again.” he smiled “Rest my friend and I'll see you back home.”

Yeruth nodded the best he could as the spasms of pain jolted through his body “Aye” he whispered. Furrow could no bear to see his best friend in such a state, the fox had saved his life many a time, but he knew he would have to go. “Your done now, you can rest” and he patted him on the shoulder standing up upon his worn feet.

“Furrow!” Yeruth cried out as his friend reached the tent folds “Make sure you save Casse for me” he chuckled forcefully and Furrow smiled back at him. “I can't stand females with twigs for legs anyway!” he laughed back “She will be all yours I promise” and Yeruth smiled before his friend left.

The march home was long and arduous. Chief Vontogerix had stayed in Dorokia with his fresh troops leaving the rest to return home to Beltainah under their centurions. Furrow did not know if he would see his friend again. His horrid wounds stuck in his mind, not many seem to survive such an injury even if the Druids favour them.

Yeruth was in Natures hands now.

Heavy drink and the nine sisters was all Furrow wanted. It had been a victory and a great enemy had been eradicated from the southern lands, But no one among his unit could celebrate. They were all exhausted.

All Furrow wished was to rest, to close his eyes, drop his spear and enjoy the promise of leave. His father would be overjoyed to see him, it had been almost a year since he waved the old fox goodbye. Furrow smiled briefly at the thought of his face.

But for now, under the nights cold sky, he marched on with what was left of his unit, slumped with fatigue as they trudged through the forests heading for home at last.

Here is part three of my ongoing web book Silver and Bronze. Apologies for no music in this instalment, I just did not have the time to make any. Besides I did not think music fitted this scene, next episode will have some I promise. :)

You can read the second instalment here:…
You will find a link at the bottom of the description that will lead you to my Youtube channel where you can listen to the music I have made for this series so far.

Anyway, remember I am very DYSLEXIC, so if there are any mistakes let me know and I hope you like the story as a whole so far. :)

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Tdf666 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
When I looked at the thumbnail i thought it was sly cooper with out his hat
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Well I drew all of this.  I've never played sly cooper :)
Demi-Beast Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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And here would be what I meant, there is a bit of similarity, I think thats awesome x3…
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